Giving It a Spin at The LETLOVE Inn, Astoria

Front 1

The LETLOVE Inn. A corner bar in Astoria that spins vinyl records and features live music on Monday and Tuesday nights.

The LETLOVE Inn bartender is in a mood.

“Think I’m going to play a vinyl,” Mike said.

The guy is screen ready, but you don’t say anything.Tall,slender with heart shaped tattoo on forearm. Spike runs through the heart. Mike’s got a voice that’s memorable. Years ago sang in a Baltimore choir. Somewhere between a soprano and baritone, he said.

Mike Tattoo.jpg

Every tattoo has got a story. Mike, the barkeep at The LETLOVE Inn displays his tattoo.

So, he walked to far end of the bar. Pulled out a vinyl and walked right passed you.

“Hey, what you going to spin?”

Not saying.

You sip your Caravan ($12) cocktail. One of The LETLOVE Inn’s six specialty cocktails. This one is composed of Date infused bourbon, Kas Spiced Honey Liquor, pomegranate, lemon, cardamon bitters on the rocks and garnished with a sprig of rosemary. Funny thing is it tasted like a hyped up Whiskey Sour.

But, nobody is listening.

The after work crowd chilled. Women sat together showing photos off their phones. A couple of guys sat by themselves and decompressed from their subway ride.

The LETLOVE Inn is a comfortable corner bar. Low on decor. Spacious floor. Long enough to swing somebody around on a Monday or Tuesday night when The Platt Forms and Subtonic Three perform.

Low level lighting. Candles on bar. Think a Humphrey Bogart movie. Except instead of some guy in a trench coat you’ve got Hipsters and locals. Heads down. Eyes fixed on their phones.

So it goes.

The mahogany bar is long enough with enough seats so nobody’s complaining. A couple of tables along the walls and a Christmas tree in the corner near the front door.

Need anything more from a corner bar?

Possibly not, but here it comes:

Mike drops the toner arm on the vinyl record and the song’s first beat gives you a good memory.

Yo Mike, you want to say. Didn’t see that pick coming.

“Love Me Do,” by The Beatles.

Two minutes later, Beatles get to the final chorus and your Caravan cocktail is finished.

Still time left on the clock.

Mike came through again.

He poured a PNW Mahogany Ale from Single Cut Beersmiths. Guinness like color. Less of a head. A product from Astoria’s first microbrewery, if you must know. Single Cut Beersmiths is located on 37th street with an address prefix of 19-33. Ring a bell? Nineteen thirty – three just so happens to be the year Prohibition ended.

Forget trivia, bud.

This is what you need to know about Single Cut Beersmiths Mahogany Ale:  One taste in and you go “wow.” Memorable. A blend of flavors that goes together like John, Paul, Ringo and John.

Yeah,  yeah, yeah.