Happy Hour at The Claret Wine Bar, Sunnyside. It’s Like You Hit The Pick Three Lottery.

Claret Dining Room

Don’t they seem happy? Friday night Happy Hour at The Claret Wine Bar, Skillman Avenue, Sunnyside.


If you discover Happy Hour at The Claret Wine Bar  in Sunnyside you might feel as though you just hit The Pick Three lottery.

And if you don’t know that happiness,#kidfromqueens is about to drop a dime:

Server walks over and greets you with a smile. “You know about our Happy Hour specials, don’t you?”

Don’t say a word and just listen, Buckaroos. Choice of three bottles of wine and plain ten inch cheese pizza for $25.00.

Whoa, Baby.

Selected a Sauvigon Blanc Argentinian wine. Astica, 2014. From Mendoza, Argentina to Skillman Avenue. Isn’t life amazing?

Wine arrives in somebody’s Big Idea. A sturdy plastic Ice Bag. Filled with water and crushed ice.

Ice bag

Who needs a better mouse trap? Here’s a better way to chill wine.

First taste in and you realize it really is Happy Hour. Hint of grapefruit,fresh and tangy, if you believe that stuff. But, this much is a fact: Light and perfect for a Friday following a day of  Excel spreadsheets.

Felt so good, upgraded the plain cheese pizza to include prosciutto, arugula and shaved Parmesan Cheese.

photo (2) (2)

Halfway into the bottle of Astica the work week went the way of our beloved Mets. Focused instead on the Claret’s eleven seat bar. Everyseat taken. Sam the Scroller searching his Iphone for messages. Harry the Hipster speaking to Cinderella. And, Paula the Poet channeling the vibe of that late Sunnyside Muse, Suze Rotolo.

Everybody’s content and why not?

Six beers on tab. A chalk board off to the side of the bar lists three varieties of whiskey. American, scotch and Irish.And if that’s not your preference you’ve got a list of more than 100 bottles of wine to find your happiness. Buy the bottle or buy the glass.

Happy Hour, of course, doesn’t stand still.

Darkness falls. You notice a candle on each table. You turn to the large window that looks out on Skillman Avenue. The leaves are changing. You’re across the street from the Sunnyside Gardens Market. That awning is long and oh so green, dude. Who cares? The room fills. Ceiling fans go in slow motion overhead. You hear laughter. You see the smiles. The music plays. It’s J.J. Cale. You are happy.

Yet, there is more to feel good about at The Claret Wine Bar.

painting Claret

One of numerous photographs by Leslie K. Henderson exhibited at The Claret Wine Bar. Photos to be auctioned for fundraiser on November 10, 2015

Black and white large format photographs hang on the bar’s exposed brick walls.

The photos are going to be auctioned off at The Claret Wine Bar on Tuesday, November 10th. A collection of Parisian scenes shoot by Leslie K. Henderson. Talk about unique: Leslie is a humanitarian photographer. “Worked with numerous NGOs in Malwawi & Tanzania.”

Purpose of the November 10th auction? To raise funds and create awareness for ‘the only Children’s Cancer Unit in Tanzania.’

“Go girl. Go”

Meanwhile, You see the food come out of the kitchen. A Beet Salad on a rectangular plate. Red and golden beets border Frisee lettuce topped with Goat Cheese and roasted Pine Nuts.  You send yourself a text. “Come back again and give the salad a try.”  You’ll have time to come back, too.The Claret Wine Bar has been around since 2008.

So, here’s the outtro from #kidfromqueens on this sojourn:

Like Whoa, baby.


Claret Wine Bar

46-02 Skillman Avenue

Sunnyside, NY



Affordability: Can’t complain

 Bathroom Quality: Clean and Acceptable

Nearest Subway:

7 Line: 46th Street/ Bliss Street

 Parking: Not as difficult as Manhattan.


  1. Goldman · November 7, 2015

    Loved the detail, dude and whoa baby. Dig the way they chill….the wine. When are we meeting there. PS: liked the upgrade on the pizza🍕


    • kidfromqueens · November 8, 2015

      Let’s do it. Can’t beat their Happy Hour deal. Drink and food quite impressive. Easy to access from LIRR/7 line…Thanks for the comments.


  2. chris c · November 7, 2015

    glad you discovered Claret…btw, great write up, like the flow of your words!!!!


  3. kidfromqueens · November 8, 2015

    Chris: The only mystery is how I missed the Claret? Thanks for the follow and compliment. Feel free to circulate the Blog and keep reading. #kidfromqueens.


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