Like Mole Sauce ? Discover Chihuahua in Sunnyside

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Johnny Delusional sat inside Chihuahua, a Mexican Restaurant and Cantina in Sunnyside. He sipped his red wine and whistled ‘As Time Goes By.’ He checked his flip phone for messages and ran a hand through his grey hair.

Think Johnny knows what happened?

Probably not.

In August, the Bliss Street Station, an Irish restaurant / bar established in 1989 shut its doors. For weeks the corner of 47th Street and Greenpoint Avenue lay dormant. Then, the door swung open. The building’s exterior walls got painted and the only thing that remained from the Bliss Street Station was Johnny.

So it goes.

Chihuahua’s sound system carried the timbre of Mexican female singers. Was that Paulina Rubio or perhaps Laura Flores? Hardly mattered, if you must know. Their voices were upbeat. Their lyrics were about heartbreak. Who ever heard of a sweet love song, anyway?

So, there’s a better reason to pull up a seat at the polished bar inside Chihuahua aside from the music. And that reason has nothing to do with the ten cocktails ranging from $7 to $12, or the red, white, Mango or Passion Fruit Sangria. Matter of fact, the reason you want to visit Chinuahua has nothing to do with any of the draft beers. Mahou, from Madrid, Spain. Modelo and Dos Equis from Mexico. Pacific Beer from Tacoma, Washington. Nor does that reason have to do with their menu which is representative of Mexican cuisine.

So, if you’re looking for one tip of the day here’s how it played out:

Mole and chips

A server found us at the far corner of the bar. She greeted us with a smile. We gave a short answer after she asked how we were doing. We wanted to say something about her black hair tied back, but said nothing. Instead we noticed that in one hand she carried a small silver bucket filled with fresh corn tortillas. In the other a ramekin filled with a rich maroon colored sauce. “It’s mole sauce,” she said.

We dipped the corn tortilla into the mole sauce and it was like we discovered the best kept secret in Sunnyside. The mole at Chihuahua is of OMG quality.It’s made with peppers, onion and blended with chocolate. Slow cooking at its best. It’s somewhat spicy, but the flavor gives you the feeling you get when you meet someone and you just know this is love.

Time passed. The sky grew dark. More customers entered Chinuahua. Young adults sat at tables. You saw them take photos with their Iphones. Then, you looked at Johnny. He remained at the bar. He still whistled. He checked his flip phone again. You heard him ask for more of that mole sauce and you knew everything was right in the world.

We even wanted to whistle. But, there is no tune that goes with…”One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh…”

Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

47-02 Greenpoint Avenue, Sunnyside, NY



*Call for hours of operation.

Major Credit Cards Accepted.

Instagram: Chihuahua_Restaurant

Facebook: Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Closest Subway Station:

7 line: 46th Street / Bliss Street Station

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