Anything is Possible, Dude. Mets in World Series. A Queens Lager while Eating Bao Buns in Sunnyside.

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#Kidfromqueens discovered Queens Lager while eating at Salt & Fat during last inning of Sunnyside Restaurant Week.

How did Queens Lager go with a Bao Bun?

Imagine Flores to Murphy to Duda for a double play.

Here’s how it played out:

Sat near the floor to ceiling window and looked out onto The Boulevard of Dreams while listening to Miles Davis on a sound system not like any other in Sunnyside. Stretched out the hammy’s on the pine wood floor. Thanked the friendly server when she brought over complementary popcorn seasoned with bacon fat “and a little salt.”

Whoa, baby. Take a look at that Queens bred lager. A light brown color with a white head. Not too carbonated. At first you’ll think it’s flat, then you realize that’s its edge. Starts off like Granderson in the lead off spot and finishes like a Familia third strike.

Who needs another bottle of beer? Queens Brewery is straight from a 16 ounce can.

Who needs another bottle of beer? Queens Brewery is straight from a 16 ounce can.

Now, mind if we talk Salt & Fat?

Listened to Miles and popped that popcorn in our wanting mouth while taking in the art work on the restaurant’s beige walls before their 18 tables filled. The art work is yours for the taking if you’ve got the buckaroonies and it’s impressive,too.

“So, are you ready to order?”

Go for the Bao Buns because it says right on the menu you need to ask the server about the day’s fillings and so you do ask because she’s as friendly as anyone in Queens thanks to our boys playing at Citifield. “Red cooked pork belly, pickled daikon, red onion and spicy mayonnaise.”

Better Bao Buns

A few regrets:

Sunnyside Restaurant Week concluded on Friday, October 23rd so you’re going to have to wait for the next one to come around. Three courses for $25 at 29 local restaurants.

And the other regret?

Salt & Fat lacks a bar and television, so if you do go to Salt & Fat, you’re going to look a little odd hoisting a Queens Lager and shouting ‘Let’s Go Mets,’ while raving about those Bao Buns.


Tuesday – Saturday: 6pm-11pm

Sunday: 5pm-10pm

Monday: Closed


41-16 Queens Blvd. Sunnyside, NY 11104

Nearest Subway:

7 Line / Lowery Street Station




Reservations not accepted.

Credit cards accepted except American Express

One spacious clean bathroom

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