Go to Maggie Mae’s in Sunnyside. Forget About Pumpkin Picking

Why pick pumpkins when you can drink PumKing Ale at Maggie Mae’s in Sunnyside?

Beer Maggie Maes

Been there, done that. Not all it’s made up to be.

Instead, go for merry and warm inside what just might be the most rustic bar in Sunnyside.

How’s this for rustica?

A forty foot long finished wooden bar top. A list of drafts, stouts, wheat ales, lagers and cocktails written on blackboards above the bar. A dark stained wooden floor running from the front door to the back wall. Black and white checkered tiles beneath the bar. Comfortable red leather stools with backs at the bar.Three high definition televisions situated between top shelf Bourbons, Whiskey’s and an assortment of Gin and Vodka.The lineup is Met like in its appeal: Angels Envy, Knob Creek, Woodsford Reserve, Hill Rock Four Roses, Jack Daniels Single Barrel and Maker’s Mark.

And if that line up isn’t enough, there’s A vast basement bar, only opened Friday and Saturday. Ideal for an incognito meet and drink. Low ceiling. Dark lighting. Swing your partner round and round.

Yet, there’s one more reason to find yourself inside Maggie Mae’s.

The bartender greets everyone with the same refrain: “Hi guys. How’s it going?”

She’s from outside Dublin. The sound of her voice might make you want to stay inside Maggie Mae’s and listen to her all day.

But, who has the time?

The car is honking. Everyone wants to go pumpkin picking.

What You Need To Know:

Maggie Mae’s



41-15 Queens Blvd.

Sunnyside, NY 11104

(718) 433-3067

Open 11:00am-4am

Nearest Subway Station

7 line / Lowery Street

Clean / well lit / spacious bathrooms

Menu pending. Popcorn served.

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