Anything is Possible, Dude. Mets in World Series. A Queens Lager while Eating Bao Buns in Sunnyside.

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#Kidfromqueens discovered Queens Lager while eating at Salt & Fat during last inning of Sunnyside Restaurant Week.

How did Queens Lager go with a Bao Bun?

Imagine Flores to Murphy to Duda for a double play.

Here’s how it played out:

Sat near the floor to ceiling window and looked out onto The Boulevard of Dreams while listening to Miles Davis on a sound system not like any other in Sunnyside. Stretched out the hammy’s on the pine wood floor. Thanked the friendly server when she brought over complementary popcorn seasoned with bacon fat “and a little salt.”

Whoa, baby. Take a look at that Queens bred lager. A light brown color with a white head. Not too carbonated. At first you’ll think it’s flat, then you realize that’s its edge. Starts off like Granderson in the lead off spot and finishes like a Familia third strike.

Who needs another bottle of beer? Queens Brewery is straight from a 16 ounce can.

Who needs another bottle of beer? Queens Brewery is straight from a 16 ounce can.

Now, mind if we talk Salt & Fat?

Listened to Miles and popped that popcorn in our wanting mouth while taking in the art work on the restaurant’s beige walls before their 18 tables filled. The art work is yours for the taking if you’ve got the buckaroonies and it’s impressive,too.

“So, are you ready to order?”

Go for the Bao Buns because it says right on the menu you need to ask the server about the day’s fillings and so you do ask because she’s as friendly as anyone in Queens thanks to our boys playing at Citifield. “Red cooked pork belly, pickled daikon, red onion and spicy mayonnaise.”

Better Bao Buns

A few regrets:

Sunnyside Restaurant Week concluded on Friday, October 23rd so you’re going to have to wait for the next one to come around. Three courses for $25 at 29 local restaurants.

And the other regret?

Salt & Fat lacks a bar and television, so if you do go to Salt & Fat, you’re going to look a little odd hoisting a Queens Lager and shouting ‘Let’s Go Mets,’ while raving about those Bao Buns.


Tuesday – Saturday: 6pm-11pm

Sunday: 5pm-10pm

Monday: Closed


41-16 Queens Blvd. Sunnyside, NY 11104

Nearest Subway:

7 Line / Lowery Street Station




Reservations not accepted.

Credit cards accepted except American Express

One spacious clean bathroom

Go to Maggie Mae’s in Sunnyside. Forget About Pumpkin Picking

Why pick pumpkins when you can drink PumKing Ale at Maggie Mae’s in Sunnyside?

Beer Maggie Maes

Been there, done that. Not all it’s made up to be.

Instead, go for merry and warm inside what just might be the most rustic bar in Sunnyside.

How’s this for rustica?

A forty foot long finished wooden bar top. A list of drafts, stouts, wheat ales, lagers and cocktails written on blackboards above the bar. A dark stained wooden floor running from the front door to the back wall. Black and white checkered tiles beneath the bar. Comfortable red leather stools with backs at the bar.Three high definition televisions situated between top shelf Bourbons, Whiskey’s and an assortment of Gin and Vodka.The lineup is Met like in its appeal: Angels Envy, Knob Creek, Woodsford Reserve, Hill Rock Four Roses, Jack Daniels Single Barrel and Maker’s Mark.

And if that line up isn’t enough, there’s A vast basement bar, only opened Friday and Saturday. Ideal for an incognito meet and drink. Low ceiling. Dark lighting. Swing your partner round and round.

Yet, there’s one more reason to find yourself inside Maggie Mae’s.

The bartender greets everyone with the same refrain: “Hi guys. How’s it going?”

She’s from outside Dublin. The sound of her voice might make you want to stay inside Maggie Mae’s and listen to her all day.

But, who has the time?

The car is honking. Everyone wants to go pumpkin picking.

What You Need To Know:

Maggie Mae’s


41-15 Queens Blvd.

Sunnyside, NY 11104

(718) 433-3067

Open 11:00am-4am

Nearest Subway Station

7 line / Lowery Street

Clean / well lit / spacious bathrooms

Menu pending. Popcorn served.

Want A Winning Happy Hour? Saddle Up at Venturo in Sunnyside


Saddle up to the bar, folks. It’s Happy Hour at Venturo Osteria and Wine Bar in Sunnyside.

Benghazi, Hilliary and Donald are not in our thoughts. We’re here to get happy and that’s our story.

Everyone knows it,too. The bartender does his part. He passes over Venturo’s Happy Hour menu. House Cocktails for $7 between 4pm to 7pm. Selected vino for $5 and selected beer for $4. A cocktail called East of Sunnyside which contained Mayfair gin, gran classic, lime, mint and cucumber sounded great, but our day called for something stronger. If you wish there is a small selection of appetizers to go with your drinks, but this time around we’re here for something more than food.

Vodka on the rocks with lemon, please.

Two sips into the vodka and the décor at Venturo reset our mood. Dark stained wooden plank floors. Beige painted brick walls. A built-in-book case with a mirrored backdrop for bottles of Italian red wine. Framed silhouettes along the wall. A sound system that was neither too loud nor too soft. A small outside eating area and two clean bathrooms.

After our second vodka the small bar filled. Three well dressed women talking about the Picasso exhibit at The  Museum of Modern Art. Two fashionable men talking about ‘ a big birthday.’ His thirtieth.

And what about the service ?

The bartender and woman working the floor could not have been more pleasant.

Saddled? Ready?

If you must know, we’re already planning a return trip to Venturo. Good place to saddle up and get happy.


44-07 Queens Boulevard

Sunnyside, N.Y.

(718) 406-9363


Happy Hour Mon-Fri: 4pm-7pm


Sun-Thur: 5pm-10pm

Fri-Sat: 5pm-11pm

Brunch Sat. & Sun.: 11am-3:30pm

About the #KidFromQueens

Don’t know how to write about me, but do know about bars.

Years ago, drove a taxi and was on the way from Kennedy Airport. Needed to use the bathroom and saw a bar on Metropolitan Avenue in Queens. Chalk board in front: “Ladies drink free.”

The bathroom was dirtier than what you’d find at a truck stop in Latin America off the Pan American Highway, but the place was rocking. When I brought the taxi back to the garage, the boss asked why I made so little money. Told him something about getting lost in Queens.

Flash forward a few years. Found myself in a wine and beer class at the Culinary Institute of America. The teacher talked for hours and gave us a ridiculous assignment.  Something about designing a wine and beer list for tourists coming to New York. Most of my classmates went to the library, but that wasn’t for me. Stuffed my pockets with cash and went on a bar crawl through Queens. Sangria in Jackson Heights. Tequila in Elmhurst. Beer at an Irish Pub in Woodside. Several gin and tonics in Sunnyside. A nightcap in Long Island City.

The teacher wrote in the margins that my beverage list lacked cohesion and that five Tequila choices was “overkill.”

Nowadays, I got a real job working with spreadsheets and began because that’s what you think about doing when you look at numbers all day.

But, enough about me, ok?