About @RRemler

Don’t know how to write about me, but do know about restaurants and those working in bars.

Or, maybe those who used to work in the hospitality field, if that’s what you want to call long hours and low pay.

Years ago, drove a taxi and was on the way from Kennedy Airport. Needed to use the bathroom and saw a bar on Metropolitan Avenue in Queens. Chalk board in front: “Ladies drink free.”

The bathroom was dirtier than what you’d find at a truck stop in Latin America off the Pan American Highway, but the place was rocking. When I brought the taxi back to the garage, the boss asked why I made so little money. Told him something about getting lost in Queens.

Flash forward a few years. Found myself in a wine and beer class at the Culinary Institute of America. The teacher talked for hours and gave us a ridiculous assignment.  Something about designing a wine and beer list for tourists coming to New York. Most of my classmates went to the library, but that wasn’t for me. Stuffed my pockets with cash and went on a bar crawl through Queens. Sangria in Jackson Heights. Tequila in Elmhurst. Beer at an Irish Pub in Woodside. Several gin and tonics in Sunnyside. A nightcap in Long Island City.

The teacher wrote in the margins that my beverage list lacked cohesion and that five Tequila choices was “overkill.”

Nowadays, I got a real job working with spreadsheets and began www.Wheretodrinkinqueens.com because that’s what you think about doing when you look at numbers all day.

But, enough about me, ok?